Using the DEPS language requires to have a software tool.

That is why some partners of the DEPS project are currently developing the freeware DEPS Studio.

DEPS Studio is designed to be a modeling and solving environment including amongst other things:

  • a multi-model editor,
  • a package manager,
  • an ahead-of-time compiler,
  • a mixed-domain purpose-built constraint solver. 

The development is on tracks and some preliminary versions have been succesfully tested on various benchmarks of problems. At this time the first public version of DEPS Studio is not yet available although we are working at our best to provide it.

Meanwhile, if you are interested by DEPS and DEPS Studio do not hesitate to contact us. The best way to proceed is to propose us a project in your area of expertise. In the context of a project preliminary versions of DEPS Studio can be delivered to the partners during the project duration.



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